Speed Zoning

Automatic speed reduction

FTC SS Speed Zoning systems offer cost effective speed limiting solutions for sites where there is a requirement for a reduced speed in high risk areas such as inside a building or around highly pedestrianised areas.

The systems will allow for different speeds and are designed to help lower the risk of incident without affecting efficiency. FTC’s range of speed zoning systems offer two primary solutions which can be adapted to specific site requirements.

Line Based Speed Zoning

The line based speed zoning system offer an extremely flexible speed zoning solution whereby multiple pre-defined speed zones can be arranged around site, this offers great efficiency and safety benefits. The system works by installing a small camera on the underside of the materials handling equipment, when the equipment travels over an arrangement of coloured lines (generally red and green) the equipment will either increase in speed or reduce in speed depending on the direction of travel. The main benefit being that this system is not limited to a simple indoor / outdoor application but will also work in this manner if required to do so.

Internal / External Speed Zoning

Applying a reduced speed to materials handling equipment as it enters an internal area whilst reverting to the normal speed as the equipment exits the area the speed zoning radar uses a ceiling as a reference point. This system is straightforward and requires no site infrastructure ensuring a reduced speed for the internal areas that often have a greater number of pedestrians and tighter working spaces. This offers a greater working efficiency as a higher speed is applied for those external areas with less risk.

Speed Zoning Beacon

This is part of the Fleet Aware pedestrian safety system
but can be used as a system in its own right. This works by installing a SMART beacon in a strategic area or danger zone. Each beacon can cover an area of between 1–30 metres, when the vehicle enters the pre-determined zone the truck will engage a slower speed and the beacon will activate a visual and audible alert. The beacon can be linked to multiple beacons to cover 2 sides of a doorway, end of aisle or any other location.


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