Speed Watch

A warning device that can save lives

SPEED-WATCH is an anti-speeding device for use on forklift trucks or any low speed warehousing or factory mobile equipment. The SPEED-WATCH is very reliable with many repeat customer installations since its launch in 2005.

The SPEED-WATCH warns a driver that the site speed limit has been exceeded. The SPEED-WATCH initially activates a red warning light and buzzer on the dashboard once the speed limit has been reached. If the driver does not slow down, within two seconds, a siren sounds and a second warning light switches on. The speed limit is easily and accurately set to any desired speed limit.

SPEED-WATCH has two site safety functions:

SPEED-WATCH has an auxiliary output which switches on with the siren. This can be connected to a fuel solenoid, switch, actuator, or any other device to enforce the speed limit.

Full installation instructions are available with each unit.

FTC Safety Solutions Limited can provide a full training and installation programme.


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