Low Doorway Alert System

Stop forklift accidents before they occur

With thousands of forklift accidents each year causing damage, disrupting business operations and worker injuries and compensation – it’s crucial to convey the importance the business puts on safety and safe forklift operating principles.

This system protects overhead doors, low overhead passageways and virtually any overhead fixture such as pallet racks, lifts, walls, sprinklers, conveyors, catwalks and chemical lines. A low clearance alarm bar that warns forklift operators and management of potential collisions between forklifts and overhead doors and fixtures before they happen.

Product Features

1. Flashing lights (with protective guards)

Red lights activate on impact for a user adjustable time of either 4 or 8 seconds

2. Impact resistant ABS tubing

Safety yellow ABS tubing resists fading and cracking and is far more durable than PVC.

3. Easy installation

Comes pre-assembled with ceiling mount cable connection – units are hung from above using aircraft cable (not supplied)

4. Adjustable lengths

The product adjusts to 8’ or 10’ lengths.

5. Optional remote notification

The system outputs a dry contact on impact. The output can be used to activate another device such as an external light or alarm installed remotely

6. Highly audible alarm

A very loud 105 decibel alarm activates on impact for a user adjustable time of either 4 or 8 seconds.

7. AC power option

Operates with a 115v or 230v power supply.

8. Battery power option

  • Uses standard alkaline batteries that last approximately 2 years
  • Changing batteries is quick and easy; takes only minutes
  • Low battery “chirp” when the batteries need to be changed, similar to a smoke detector

9. Certifications

CE marked.


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