Driver Aid Camera Systems

Helps manoeuvre plant equipment safely

The systems offer enhanced visibility to the operator from a standard driving position. The cameras can be located on the vehicle in various locations and focus on the area of sight required.

The pictures are sent to a colour monitor located within the cab, acting as an aid to assist the driver to make adjustments to lifting or moving.


Standard Wireless Camera

Allows for up to 2 cameras to be installed anywhere on MHE or plant equipment where the driver’s vision is obscured in order to aid their view.

Fork Mounted Wireless Camera

The wireless fork mounted camera provides the driver a clear view of the forks offering greater precision in fork alignment when loading / unloading, this is especially useful when loading at height. This greatly reduces unnecessary damage and dangerous loading positions. This system has the option to add additional standard wireless camera to give the driver and additional viewpoint, for example reverse.

Camera with integrated battery pack

The camera system can accommodate up to four cameras, recording all four views simultaneously, with the option of displaying all four views via the optional in cab mounted display.

Power Options

Each system is flexible with either a hard wired solution or battery powered. Installation locations are numerous to suit your materials handling equipment.

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