Continual Recording Camera Systems

Assist with incident investigation & historical data capture

What is a Continual Recording Camera System (CRCS)?

With the increase in workplace incidents and insurance claims it’s essential that accurate information can be available.

FTC have successfully engineered an advanced Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) system designed specifically for industrial applications. This cutting-edge solution is ideal for materials handling equipment, plant equipment and even road going vehicles.

The primary function of this system is to enhance security by constantly recording the usage of the equipment from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. It efficiently captures and stores as standard up to two weeks’ worth of footage on a Secure Storage Drive housed within a tamper-proof enclosure.



The solution allows for the integration of up to four cameras. It has the capability to record all four views simultaneously, providing comprehensive coverage. Additionally, there is an option to display all four views conveniently through an optional in-cab mounted display.

Large removable storage capacity

Large removable storage capacity – Option of up to 1 TB of removable storage, offering up to 4 weeks’ storage time. This ensures that the data is held reliably and securely.

In cab mounted screen

An optional extra useful as a visual aid for manoeuvring in confined spaces and for larger equipment where larger blind spots are perceived. If four cameras are fitted the screen can display the views from all four at once.

Online cloud access

FTC’s multi-channel vehicle MDVR systems now include models with WiFi and/or 4G connectivity capabilities. Wirelessly connecting an MDVR to a secure server saves time, as data can be obtained without the need to access the vehicle.

GPS tracking

Built in as standard (outdoor use only), this is ideal for locating where incidents occurred and allows for full traceability. It can display all connected camera footage in synchronisation with the GPS feature.

Internal accelerometer

The accelerometer is configured to monitor impacts which can be identified and accompanied by real-time video footage and GPS positioning.

There are three options available for accessing the data:

1.Manual download: Users can remove the SSD drive from the vehicle and watch the recorded footage on their PC.

2. Wi-Fi: The system allows for remote data extraction from the vehicle using the Wi-Fi network

3. Fully online: Users can access the data remotely from anywhere by utilising a cloud-based solution, offering convenient and secure access to the recorded content.

View your fleet with 4G Connection

Live Map Overview

Our interactive and dedicated map feature revolutionises fleet management by offering remote GPS vehicle tracking for external vehicles. With this feature, you can easily locate the precise locations where incidents occurred and access detailed information related to those incidents.

This advanced capability enhances efficiency and provides valuable insights for effective fleet management.

Access using a PC or Mobile application

The dedicated PC MDVR Software empowers Fleet Managers with the ability to customise settings, view real-time fleet data, access video footage, and download data without the need to physically visit the vehicles. Additionally, the mobile application enables remote viewing of vehicles using a mobile device.

To ensure seamless remote access, the system utilises a 4G European SIM card, allowing users to access the system and its features from anywhere and at any time. This feature provides convenience and flexibility for effective fleet management regardless of location.

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