Advanced Fleet Management System

What is Optafleet

As a fleet manager it’s crucial to your business not only to monitor the performance of your valuable assets and operators but to have access to immediate and secure information about your fleet at all times. Introducing the Optafleet Advanced Fleet Management System from FTCSS.

How Does It Work?

Utilising the latest cloud based technology Optafleet is a SIM card based fleet management solution offering access to real time information on equipment and operator.


Access Control and Driver Traceability

Control the access of your valuable equipment by utilising either a specially designed RFID key-fob or your existing access cards. The system allows for automatic expiry on a specific date and full driver licence management to include driver lockout.


Optafleet Management just got even easier

Setting new standards for fleet optimisation the new app from FTC is a must for effective performance management. With real-time reporting, advanced widgets and analytics you can enjoy all the benefits of Optafleet right in the palm of your hand.

Automatic Driver License Management

This additional function identifies and alerts management about upcoming license renewals, handling multiple licenses for each driver. Customers have the flexibility to set the notification timeframe. Additionally, the system provides an option to automatically restrict drivers from operating any equipment linked to expired licenses.

Advanced Utilisation Data

Operator and equipment optimisation and fleet analytics. Improve driver behaviour, how your machines are being used and identify areas for fleet rationalisation. Providing real-time information on the status of your fleet.

Intelligent Multi-Directional Impact Detection

Optafleet uses the very latest intelligent 3-way impact sensor to identify the severity, time and date of any impacts. Lower level impacts can be differentiated from higher levels and instant notification and active events (such as truck slow down) can be set accordingly.

Advanced Tracking With Event Location Log

Identify if operators are using the most efficient routes allowing for improved site planning for increased fleet optimisation. Locate the area on site of any critical events such as impacts, overloading or simply where the vehicle was last located.

Streamline Pre-Use Safety Checks

Tailormade pre-use check questions to suit different equipment types and applications, offering instant email notifications on critical failures and vehicle lockout and easy to access audit trails.

Intuitive Dashboard And Mobile Application

Easy to access, secure and user friendly cloud based management tools from an on-line database platform to a mobile application making data readily available wherever and whenever you need it.

Data Management

Data is available through a number of channels from instant email alerts for high level events to automated reporting of data on user pre-set time frames making the communication of data hassle free, direct and relevant.

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