FTC SS Consultancy Service

Providing consultancy services to optimise and improve fork truck fleets

The FTC SS team have always worked closely with customers reviewing their fleet requirements and providing bespoke advice for their operations. This valuable service has contributed to the effective performance of our products for many years.

We’ve gone one step further and now offer a more comprehensive consultancy package with full analysis, evaluation, reports and strategies to improve our clients results even further.



Step 1: Analysis of 'Now'

In the first step, your current logistic material flows and processes are assessed and throughput data are collected. Related functional areas are considered. A close cooperation and consultation with all stakeholders is a decisive factor of success here.

Step 2: Consolidate the Potential

Results of the ‘Now’ analysis are consolidated and summarised. In addition, realistic ‘quick win’ potentials are identified. By this means we obtain a comprehensive discussion document of the current operation and provide immediately identifiable options for improvement.

Step 3: Evaluation and Creation of an Action Log

In the final step, the operational data are analysed and longer-term fleet recommendations are evaluated. The complex analysis is summarised into a simple action log highlighting short, medium and long-term fleet adjustments. The needs of the operation are harmonised with the available MHE options – across multiple suppliers and styles.