Access Control Systems

Control who can operate your vehicles

Keypad Entry System

The FTC Safety Solutions keypad entry system is a simple stand alone device that controls who can operate your forklifts and other MH equipment. This product has dual functionality and can store up to 1000 individual pin codes and can offer access using an RFID swipe cards.

This system will help to improve the security of your site by preventing unauthorised access to your valuable MH and plant equipment. This system can be installed with a push button start option or as a simple immobilisation system.

Key Features

Swipe Card Access Control System

Introducing our innovative Swipe Card Access Control System solution for enhanced security of your MH and plant equipment. Designed to streamline access management, this system ensures only authorised personnel can operate your materials handling equipment, with a simple swipe card mechanism, operators can quickly gain access.

Administrators have the flexibility to grant and revoke access privileges wirelessly, providing greater control over fleet management. With the added benefit of being able to download data.

Key Features

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