Fleet management

Systems to monitor and improve your vehicles


As a fleet manager it’s crucial to your business not only to monitor the performance of your valuable assets and operators but to have access to immediate and secure information about your fleet at all times. Introducing the Optafleet Advanced Fleet Management System from Fork Truck Control.

Access Control Systems

The Fork Truck Control keypad entry system is a simple stand alone device that controls who can operate your forklifts and other MH equipment. This product has dual functionality and can store up to 1000 individual pin codes and can offer access using an RFID swipe cards.

FM Lite & Asset Tracking

If you own a fleet of vehicles, Fork Truck Control has the solution for managing your assets. The FM Lite is an entry level system that allows you to monitor and record all vehicle movements 24/7; as well as have access to timely information on location, fuel levels, speed limits and more when needed.

Consultancy Service

The FTC team have always worked closely with customers reviewing their fleet requirements and providing bespoke advice for their operations. This valuable service has contributed to the effective performance of our products for many years.

Impact Detector

The Fork Truck Control stand alone impact detector is a budget entry damage monitoring system that can effectively control excess damage to valuable equipment and end product. This system has been designed to be extremely easy to use and very cost effective.