Idle Limiter

Automatic engine cut-out system

The ‘Idle Limiter’ is an automatic cut off device designed for internal combustion engine forklifts. The microprocessor based control system is designed to save you money on excess fuel expenditure. It’s also a very important Health & Safety device as it will turn off trucks automatically that have been left running when unattended.

The ‘Idle Limiter’ achieves this by cutting the truck out after a pre-set of time if the seat is left unoccupied or if the driver is sitting there with the engine idling.


The Idle limiter system can look at two parameters, the seat switch if a truck has one fitted and the alternator if a “W” terminal is available. The system is designed to have both options working at the same time or one or the other.

The time out function is adjustable and we manufacture two different versions. Version one is up to two minutes with increments of twenty seconds. The second version is up to every minutes with increments of sixty seconds. Both versions are supplied as a professional kit with full installation instructions and everything necessary to install the system. For more information on a technical installation please contact your nearest FTC SS agent. FTC Safety Solutions Limited can provide a full training and installation programme.

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