“We recouped the initial investment many times over”

Jason Reynolds, Director, Cavaion Baumann UK Limited

Chances are if you are a sideloader user, the equipment plays a crucial role in your operation. As an ideal way for carrying long loads, such as timber, steel or plastic extrusions, sideloaders are a very effective tool, particularly over long distances or uneven ground.

Their effectiveness and durability is perhaps one of the reasons why, despite heavy competition from multi-directional trucks, the machine has seen a mini-renaissance in recent years. Baumann, the world’s largest manufacturer of sideloader equipment, continues to lead the way, with award-winning innovations and impressive durability in equal measure.

After previously working with Fork Truck Control on a number of large projects, Baumann UK recently turned to the Optafleet advanced fleet management solution, produced and maintained by FTC.

Heavy specialist sideloaders carrying loads in excess of 15 tonnes require a fleet management system that’s equally robust and just as accurate.

Providing a combination of impact detection, driver and vehicle usage, pre-operational safety checks, low oil pressure and engine overheating monitoring – Optafleet fits the bill perfectly.


With round-the-clock access to performance data and live event feed from the vehicles, fleet managers can review any critical KPIs immediately. Often vehicles work in remote locations with limited supervision; here operators and vehicles can be monitored using an accurate and easy to use information platform.

Even the slightest impact can have real consequences in terms of damage to buildings and end product. In one recent application, the system significantly reduced the amount of damage sustained, with the end user reducing damage by over £10,000 in 12 months – recouping the initial investment many times over.

Improved management processes also provide added insurance and safety, via daily safety checks. With each operator required to complete a 21-point safety check at the start of every shift, as well as mini checks each time the truck is started thereafter, truck integrity is kept at maximum.

Overall responsibility for the safety of the equipment is placed on the operator, resulting in them being much more engaged and conscientious about their equipment, and taking extra care of that vital piece of equipment.

“The support that has been received from FTC has been extremely good, FTC have guided the customer through any queries or issues that they have had throughout the process.”