“I would have no hesitation to recommend this system”

I'm actively looking to increase its use on other forms of PMHE.

In December 2019, we had 50 counterbalance forklift trucks fitted with a 3 camera system and DVR from FTC, as we were experiencing a significant number of incidents on site.  After a period of education with the drivers, to assure them that the system wasn’t to measure performance, but improve safety reporting and provide evidence for incident investigations.  The camera systems were fully switched on in February 2020, and as a result, we have seen a significant fall in both lost time injuries as well as damages involving counterbalance forklift trucks.

In my mind, I cannot attribute this to anything other than the knowledge that bad habits are now being captured, and where an incident has occurred the footage is absolute proof of what has happened – no more relying on possibly inaccurate witness statements and recollections.

I would have no hesitation to recommend this system, and am actively looking to increase its use around my site on other forms of PMHE.  I believe the return on investment on this equipment has been very quick – and the costs saved on absences and damages have paid for the system in just a few short months.

Written by:
Safety & Security Manager
A large furniture distribution centre servicing the UK