A DFDS Seaways Case Study with FTC Safety Solutions

Revolutionising Fleet Safety Management

In the critical sector of cargo handling, where safety is of utmost importance, DFDS Seaways at Immingham has made significant strides. Collaborating with FTC Safety Solutions, they have embraced advanced technology to enhance fleet safety and efficiency.


Managing a vast fleet of over 90 vehicles, including tug masters, forklift trucks, and reach stackers, DFDS faced challenges in ensuring operational safety and efficiency. The key concerns were driver access control, impact detection, maintenance management, and most critically, pedestrian safety.


The introduction of the OptoFleet Fleet Management System and Pedestrian Detection Camera System by FTC marked a transformative step. The OptoFleet system integrates several features:

  • Driver Access Control via RFID cards
  • License and training date management
  • Configurable pre-operational safety checks
  • Impact detection and GPS tracking with historical data
  • Risk analysis of pedestrian interactions

The Pedestrian Detection Camera System further enhances safety with:

  • 360-degree pedestrian detection
  • High-definition in-cab screens
  • Digital video recording accessible remotely
  • Creep speed activation upon pedestrian detection


This cutting-edge integration has yielded impressive results for DFDS:

  • Increased Safety: The AI-driven pedestrian detection and comprehensive fleet management have significantly reduced the risk of accidents.
  • Operational Efficiency: The system’s maintenance and service tracking capabilities have streamlined fleet management, leading to smoother operations.
  • Cost Reduction: Through enhanced safety and efficiency, DFDS has seen a notable decrease in operational costs.


The partnership between DFDS Seaways and FTC Safety Solutions stands as a beacon in the cargo handling industry, showcasing how innovative technology can revolutionize fleet safety and efficiency. This case exemplifies the potential for such technologies to not only save costs but more importantly, to save lives.

For those interested in similar transformations, FTC Safety Solutions offers consultations to tailor solutions to specific fleet needs. Get in touch today.